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Yesh, we have moved.

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Azmi’s 1 year ‘younger’!

Happy belated birthday, Azmi. i know it’s a lil too late, but still… It’s better late than never. so yeah, enjoy life!

3rd Gavel Installation Nite 2008

It’s our time to shine again! Our installation night is just round the corner – July 27, 2008. It will be held at the Summit USJ, Ballroom 2, Level 5, from 7.00pm – 10.30pm. Dinner tickets are available at RM 50/pax. There’ll be good food, superb performances and fantastic programmes. So, what are you still waiting for? Contact us ASAP and have a jolly good time next Sunday night!

Happy Father’s Day 2008

Meeting was indeed more interesting than usual as we had more guests to join us this afternoon… Wei Ken, Hooi Jett, Bryan, Guan Sheng, Mei Qi, Coralyn, Meng Shin. Hope all of you did enjoy the meeting and will join us as members of this evergrowing Gavel Club! We also had another Toastmaster, Dennis Wee to join us for meeting today.

Speaking of new members, we, the 1st Malaysian Gavel Club is going to have our 3rd Installation Night on the 27th July 2008. Our tentative venue is Summit USJ. And the COOL part is… the theme this year would be – 007 James Bond! So, if you’re interested to be a Gavelier, act fast! Contact us and join us before the installation night so that we can install you as a member of the club as soon as possible.

Meeting started at 2.30pm today. Ai Vee welcomed all the guests and members and called the meeting to order. A brief introduction of the club was given by our club’s counselor, Distinguished Toastmaster, Azmi Shahrin. Then, Gavelier Lee Wei Herng conducted the table topics session where all guests and members were given a chance to speak without any preparations. Guan Sheng and Hui Yee were the best table topics speakers with their speech titles – ‘Something Special about Myself’ and ‘The Birthday Present from Someone Special’ respectively.

*teng teng teng teng* it’s Humour time! =) Toastmaster Dennis Wee and Jia Shyang shared a few jokes and IQ questions with us. All of us were really cracking our heads to get the answers for the tricky IQ questions. All thanks to Jia Shyang. haha.

Then Gavelier Jeffrey delivered his 4th project speech – Obese! Congratulations, Jeff! It was really a good speech. Well done.

Since it’s Father’s Day, we had a little surprise for our Gavel Papa, Azmi! Ai Vee made a ‘Super Azmi’ underwear for him and we wrote down our messages. Happy Father’s Day to all wonderful daddies!

super azmi.

And lastly, thank you Sam! Although our Sergeant-at-Arms wasn’t around during the meeting, she made an effort to bring some refreshments for us. The kuih was nice =)

That’s all for today. We shall meet again on the 29 July 2008. Same time, same place. See you there!

The 1st Malaysian Gavel Club

Vice President of Public Relations

Gavelier Yap Pei Qi

next meeting.

Please be informed that the next Gavel Club meeting will be held on the 15th June 2008, 2.30pm, SJBA meeting room.

Hope to see all members and guests there!

Pei Qi.

13 April 2008

Gavel meeting started off with the usual routine. Our president wasn’t around so Gavelier Yee Xin had to take over her place and be the acting president. Samantha Leong was the Toastmasters of the Day, TOTD.¬†A few guests turned up during the meeting : Guan Sheng, Vishag,¬†Vishal, Rohen and Bryan.¬†

The Table Topics Session was conducted by Gavelier Tan Swea Ching. Everyone burst into laughter when Bryan said that he would like to marry Yee Xin when he spoke on¬†the impromptu speech title, ‘What would you do if¬†you have one million dollars?’. More laughters when Guan Sheng said that he would not marry Yee Xin, but¬†Ee¬†Ping if someday he were to have one million dollars.

We had 3 project speakers : Jia Shyang, Jia Teng and Jeffrey. Jia Teng emerged as the best speaker with his ice breaker speech. He received his ribbon and a standing ovation from all of us. Well done and keep up the good job!

The next meeting will be either during or after the May term break. All guests and members will be informed by SMS.

Anyway,¬†Yeh Vin is currently studying form 6 in my school.. Seafield! Welcome and it’s nice to¬†see you in school. By the way, he¬†has just attended an interview to be a librarian. =)¬†¬†good luck and all the best!

Our¬†club’s 3rd Installation Night is going to be held somewhere in June.¬†I will keep you¬†guys updated¬†from time to time. ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†


Vice President of Public Relations

The First Malaysian Gavel Club

Gavelier Yap Pei Qi.


upcoming meeting.

Whee. People! we’re going to have our next meeting on the 23rd of March. 2.30-4.30 pm. SJBA meeting room. We will be having a few project speakers delivering their speeches, (and lotsa surprises!), so please come and have fun! =]